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Kinzang Tashi
Senior Guide

Kinzang Tashi is from Eastern Bhutan in Trashigang which is the most populated district in Bhutan. Experiencing and living a life in the remotest part of  the country, he always dreamt of landing a job in Thimphu. After completion of his High School in Eastern Bhutan, Kinzang successfully completed his Tourism Management diploma course for two years and got rewarded a professional guide license making his dream come true to be in the capital city.

He explored various trekking routes and succesfully completed the ardous Snowman trek which spans over 25 days and labelled to be one of the toughest in the world. The most favorite training program he attended was the first responders course by NOLs (National Outdoor Leadership School in the USA). He holds an inter-national Black belt in Taekwondo and have won several medals. Recently, he did a solo trek to the everest base camp in Nepal to gain exposure & expereince in another country.