Tsewang Rinchen truly prides himself in being Bhutanese. This is evident in the traditional attire he always wears and the respect he gives to elders in the society. Born to a father from the west and mother from the east in Bhutan, he is aware of subtle cultural differences within the country and can work and play effortlessly in both eastern and western Bhutan. Because of his upbringing, he can speak several local dialects. He is proficient in Dzongkha, English, Nepalese, Hindi and several other dialects including Sharchopkha (the language of the east). Tsewang excelled and stood first in the guiding course conducted by the Department of tourism in 1998. He is an avid reader, with interests varying from philosophy to quantum physics. He has cultivated a positive outlook towards life and when not guiding or leading trips, he is actively involved in volunteer work in providing awareness to the Bhutanese youth about drug abuse.